Bodø in Northern Norway has more to offer than the Flight Museum, the worlds biggest population of sea hawks, and the strong swirl of Saltrømmen. There are several areas fairly close to the town and airport of Bodø that boost ski touring experiences way beyond normal. Backline tried the sun set and moonlight skiing in Glomfjord. Glomfjord has the stunning northern views of the fjords and the sea, and the edgy mountains are towering a thousand meters plus straight out of the fjords. We ate “Kveite” and met local skier Øyvind who showed us around his home mountains.

With the ski pole, I release my bindings and free my boots. I look down. The tracks of our skis follow the broad ridge that leads up here, to the top of Mount Skala. On the last 150 vertical meters, the snow was hard-packed and windblown. Not a great pleasure to climb, and probably not a great pleasure to ski down either. Further below, however, I’m sure the icy snow will give way to the most beautiful spring corn imaginable, the kind of snow that is made for some memorable turns. I look up, slowly, almost with reverent awe. The actual summit of this mountain just a stone’s throw away, only seven meters higher from where I stand.

Late March 2017. Skiers across the Northern Alps suffer from a warm front. Despite the fact that the winter seems to be over too soon, we are still hungry. While most of the powder junkies are already on their mountain bikes or climbing rocks, Nadine and I carefully observe the weather forecast and snow conditions. We already had to cancel a trip to Eastern Switzerland, but Nadine has a new plan: the Canalone Neri on the northern side of the 3,173-meter Cima Tosa, the highest peak of Northern Italy’s Brenta group.